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    Frank Sinatra with his T-Bird, c.1955 © Frank Worth


    Currently up for scoring in our Horror design challenge, “Sofa and Cats" by Ben Chen demonstrates how horror can mean different things to different people… or pieces of furniture.

    Artists, show us what horror means to you by submitting to this design challenge for a chance at $2,000 cash, a $500 Threadless gift code, and a McFarlane Toys Movie Maniacs Action Figures prize pack!


    I wouldn’t normally use this venue for such a post, but I need as big a signal boost as I can get and you, my dear followers, are the biggest source of eyes I have in one spot. So here it goes:

    My best friend’s niece is a brittle type1 diabetic. Her organs have now begun to shut down due to extensive diabetic neuropathy. The doctors are saying she may have only months left now with her digestive tract shutting down. Amanda is more like Beth’s daughter than her niece and it’s distressing her horribly that she can’t get there to see her before she passes. So, even if you have just a couple of bucks, could you consider tossing them into the pot so we can get her there to say her goodbyes in person? It would mean a lot if she could go. If I had the means, I would be paying to get her there myself, but I’m not capable of helping at this time.  Note that the amount is what it is because my bestie is disabled and will have to pay for both herself and her caregiver to get to Kansas. Travel and accommodations for special needs folks isn’t cheap.

    So, I put this out there for you. If you can’t help, please consider at least giving it a signal boost? I’d really appreciate it.


    Oh, made my Friday that much better. Anal time with a Canadian me thinks - better get the maple syrup and lube…


    An unexpected taste of Canada here in the United Arab Emirates. Black coffee and a maple donut at 44 deg C.

    (via laughterkey)


    A fish with ‘tude.Click to see other mind blowing photos