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    ‘cause I feel like everyone skips past the first season just to watch David Tennant or Matt Smith. While I do like those two doctors better than Nine, I still appreciate what Eccleston brought to the show. None of my friends really like him though. =/

    Nine is my seconds favorite of all time. 

    I lead a Nine Appreciation Life.

    Nine was my first.

    I agree with all of the above. Nothing but love for this man.

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      i enjoyed the ninth doctor. Season 1 was why i started watching and i was sad when he died…
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      Tom Baker was my first Doctor, so he always holds a place in my heart. Christopher Eccleston will hold a place in my...
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      Me gusta the Ninth Doctor. He was so much fun.
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      But … but, Nine was fantastic! It breaks my heart when people are just like, Fuck it, Tennant and Smith! Because he was...
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      It took me FOREVER to adjust to Ten. I adore Nine
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      I love him omg.
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      I loved this guy!
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      He’s MY Doctor. Forever ç_ç
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      what’s not to love about Nine? :D
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      Yep, Nine is my Doctor too. I love Ten and Eleven (and David and Matt) in their own ways, but Nine was the first one I...
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      Love him to pieces!
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      So underrated. I really miss Nine.
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      I fucking loved the Ninth Doctor, even if he was only in one season. I hate how underappreciated he is. :I
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      YES THERE IS! I love Nine. And I will tell anyone. I’m fond of a lot of regenerations for a lot of different reasons,...
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      I just absolutely love him. I miss him still. Still love Ten and Eleven, but Nine will always have a special place in my...
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      I LOVE NINE!
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      EHI!!! Dont’ forget about me!!! Worship Nine forever & Ever & Ever. (Even if he says we must not.)
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