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Hello and Welcome to my Tumblr! Check out my t-shirt shop, with designs from your favourite fandoms. I have shops at Cafepress, Skreened, and Redbubble, to take advantage of the different products available at different sites.

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    If Found Please Return to the TARDIS - a new design up in my TeePublic shop. Only $14 for the next 72 hours.

    Black text available HERE.

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    Check out my Doctor Who and Supernatural t-shirts on sale at RedBubble for 24 hours. Save 20% using code CYBERRB

    Keep Calm and Don’t Forget is now available at TeeVolt for just 24 more hours!

    It’s available in 2 styles for only $12 each.

    Keep Calm and Don’t Forget is now available at TeeVolt for 5 days!

    It’s available in 2 styles for only $12 each.

    New Doctor Who design in my RedBubble shop - Whovian at Heart. Wear your Whovian status with pride!

    Available in men’s and women’s t-shirts, hoodies and stickers.

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    Check out my Doctor Who designs in my RedBubble shop

    New Doctor Who design in my RedBubble shop - Time Lord tattoo. Available in t-shirt, hoodies, baseball tees and stickers.

    See the design HERE.

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    Thanks to RedBubble for featuring my Doctor Who t-shirt in their Facebook ads.

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    You can see all my other Doctor Who designs HERE.

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    One day left to get the Doctor Who inspired “Anatomy of a Time Lord” at NowhereBad.

    NowhereBad is having a contest to win my Doctor Who/Saul Bass t-shirt. Just visit their Facebook page here or click the picture above and post why you want to have this t-shirt. 

    Saul Bass meets the 11th Doctor!

    Anatomy of a Time Lord on sale at NowhereBad.com for 72 hours only, until January 21.

    I thought I had this in my RedBubble store, but it was only in my Spreadshirt store. So I’ve added it as a t-shirt (click the image above) or as a sticker HERE.

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